The goal of this workshop is to teach students how to be an effective Business Analyst and how to develop different types of requirements (Customer requirements, System Requirements, etc.) that are required in different phases of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). Students will also learn how to ensure the product quality by developing quality requirements and managing requirements growth or changes efficiently.


Course Length: 3 Days
Class Hours: 8 hours/day


The goal of this workshop is to teach students how to be an effective Tester or Test Engineer and how to test different types of software applications. This course is essential for all software professionals who are involved in software testing. This workshop will teach different types of testing (e.g., unit, system, integration, customer acceptance test (CAT), load, stress, performance and regression test) and how these tests are performed at different phases of Software development Life Cycle (SDLC). It will also teach how to do effective planning, designing, execution, reporting and monitoring of all these test activities to assure software quality.

After completing this course, students will be able to perform testing in a more systematic manner. During this workshop, a standard set of tools, templates and techniques will be offered to all students so that they can start writing test plan, test cases and test scripts as soon as they get back to work. Moreover, a free on-line help will be available for all students who need to communicate to the instructor for some clarification or help to start performing actual testing. This free on-line support will be available for 30 days after students complete this workshop successfully. If necessary, on-site consultation can be arranged based on the project type and group size.


Upon completion, the students will learn:



Introduce Different Types of Testing

Prepare for Testing

Plane For Testing

Execute Tests

Automate Test