Employee Time and Expense Management System (PunchMyTimeCard)

It is the ultimate solution for managing company budget and expenses by resolving your employees' time and expense reporting problems.
It is an easy-to-use web-based system that is available from Anywhere, Anytime.
It is an integrated solution for Employee Time Reporting, Payroll and Accounting Systems that is available for you 24x7 via web.
It offers all the benefits of an on-demand solution are achieved with PunchMyTimeCard system because it is delivered to you as a SaaS (software-as-a-service) solution so that your company can be up and running instantly when you're ready to take advantage of this product.
Punch My Time Card allows employees to submit their time and expense reports for approvals easily via web. It doesn?t require any extra efforts or collaboration from employee?s part to send those information to managers for approvals. This system is smart enough to route those information to right managers for approval and later, those approved time & expenses are sent to Payroll and Accounting for processing salary and invoices.

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PunchMyTimeCard delivers the following features:

  • It offers Web-based system that requires no software to install or maintain.
  • It allows Employees to access the time and expense management system,Online expenses management system,Punch my timecard,Time management system,Payroll system,Invoicing System,Time
  • It allows Employees to access the system from anywhere, anytime to submit time and expenses for manager's to approve.
  • It allows Employees to track and view their timesheets, expenses and income statements.
  • It provides a clean user interface and usability that makes it a pleasure to use.
  • It offers all users a Home page that makes it easy to view their personal profile and keep track of their weekly work hours, expenses, receipts,and income summary (Click here for Demo)
  • This system allows Approval Managers to view, verify, validate and approve those Timecard & Expense Reports based on required criteria and receipts. It also allows them to send those timecards to Accounting & Payroll for processing. (Click here for Demo)
  • This system allows HR Personnel to add, update, change, and delete payroll information (i.e., salary, payment methods, bonus, etc.) for all employees via simple and easy-to-use user interface. (Click here for Demo)
  • This system allows Payroll Personals to pay each employee periodically (i.e., weekly, bi-weekly, Monthly, etc.) based on company policy and salary information. As soon as all timecards and expenses are approved by Approval Managers, system generates payroll for Payroll Manager to review, make adjustments if required and send payments. (Click here for Demo).
  • It offers easy integration with Accounts Payable and General Ledger systems and generates invoices for each client for Account Manager to review, make adjustments if required and push the send button to mail right client for payment. (Click here for Demo).
  • This system allows Upper Management to monitor and control the company budget, enforcement travel policy, line item expense approval, extensive reporting, etc. (Click here for Demo).
  • It secures all employees salary and personal data in such a way so that nobody can view those information without right privileges allocated to right person in the company. (Click here for Demo)
  • It can get you started in no time.
  • So, let's try 30-day free, no obligation trial today !!!! (Click here for Trial)