Railroad TaskMaster Control Portal


Tool Details

Resource Tracker
Provides end-to-end service delivery management to track both customer contract requirements aligned with Service Provider (SP) site delivery activities. Provides task traceability, real-time task delivery updates and keeps the milestone end date on track.
Rail Forms Manager
Supports all aspects of Rail operation forms management and records storage. It improves efficiency by reducing paperwork, improving data collection as well as reporting mechanism and sharing production as well as field data instantly with their colleagues and management globally.
OCC Scheduler

Allows OCC Supervisor to manage and track all work block and rail activities by creating, assigning and managing work orders for all employees daily basis. It also allows users to view these work orders in daily, weekly and monthly formats.
eSecurity SMS

Allows you to protect your employees during emergencies. During emergency, this tool allows employees to contact others and inform appropriate authorities, and local emergency responders for instant help. Rail Alerts can be broadcasted.