MobiTAP is a testing platform for conducting mobile device and network testing activities. It contains a set of test tools that are critical for any device manufacturers and network providers to conduct end-to-end device testing successfully before deploying any new product to the market. We brought all tools under one test platform called MobiTAP (Mobile Test Automation Platform). It is a cloud based SaaS application and it offers different types of tools for different types of testing to expedite the time to market. These tools reduce new product development cost without compromising the quality. Here are some of the tools that we offer under MobiTAP:

      1. MobiTAP-KPI is a set of tools that allow test engineers to collect KPI (Key Performance Indicators) data for performing performance testing during stationary and drive tests. Most of the tests are done by following the test cases identified by major network providers like AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint, etc., to collect KPI data for performance tests. MobiTAP-KPI offers 3 separate tools for collecting KPI data during call processing, data processing and audio testing:
          a. CallPro-KPI: Collects all KPI data during call processing by conducting different types of calls like MO (Mobile Originating), MT(Mobile Terminating), long call, etc. identified by major network providers.

          b. DataPro-KPI: Collects all KPI data during data upload/download using ftp, http, UDP, Ping and web browsing

          c. Audio-KPI: Collects audio information during call and measures MOS value using PESQ/POLQA algorithm.
      2. MobiTAP-Analyzer: Allows user to upload KPI data to the server on the cloud, stores in DB, displays all data on the screen and provides a special Report Generator for creating ad-hoc report based on tester’s need for analyzing the issues.

      3. MobiTAP-CP: Offer a mechanism to make automated PSTN calls to the DUT (Mobile Device) for testing: Mobile Terminating (MT) calls or long call or executing multi-RAB test cases using circuit-switched (CS) and packet-switched (PS) traffic.

      4. MobiTAP-APP: Offers an automated application test environment on DUT (Mobile Device) using Python scripting mechanism and ADB tool set. It expedites the test process by automating lots of manual tests and especially regression suits

      5. MobiTAP-PC: Allows testers to test network (i.e., using WiFi, Hotspot and Tethered) speed during ftp and UDP upload/download operations from laptop. It also offer real time status in textual as well as graphical presentation.

      6. MobiTAP-FileGen: Offers support to create different sizes of files for upload/download services. It generates files as per users’ needs.

      All tools mentioned above are placed under MobiTAP-CC (MobTAP Control Center) for easier access
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