We offer Independent Wireless Product Certification Service to Wireless product manufacturers and application development companies by executing protocol testing and certification testing to comply with different operators standards (e.g., AT&T 10776, TMO-US PRD 30-38, Rogers, Vivo, Telcel, etc.).

We conduct product testing (in the lab as well as outdoor drive & stationary testing), RF engineering, Frequency Planning/Reuse, Performance Testing and Network Engineering/Tuning.

We perform automated as well as manual testing for 2.5 G, 3G, Edge, GPRS, and GSM hardware as well as software using different tools like Anite, Anritsu, Agilent, R&H, Datum, MUSE, etc.

Our engineers are capable of testing wireless products in North American and South American markets. We specialize in all aspects of Wireless Network Elements (NEs) testing such as OMC, BSC, BTS, Mobile Handsets and Mobile Computing devices (e.g., PC Cards, Palm Pilot, etc). We conduct Wireless product testing in US (for AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Metro PCS, etc.), Canada (for Rogers Canada), Puerto Rico, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, etc.

After conducting standardized testing, we offer unbiased reports with all the findings and a set of recommendations for improvements. If customers want, we also offer actual “product corrective” services to comply with the certification standard/process (contact us for more information).