Cloud based software solutions

  • Developing Requirements using our own Software Requirements Tool
  • Prototyping the product for customers' review
  • Defining System Architecture
  • Creating Design Document
  • Developing Code/Programming & Unit Testing
  • Developing Test cases/Test plans
  • Developing Customer Documentation/Training Material
  • Developing Customer Acceptance Plan (CATP)
  • Testing the Product, Customer Documentation and CATP
  • Executing the CATP in Customer's site during deployment
  • Providing on-going Customer Support.
  • Offering customized services based on workflow or state diagram to execution

Cloud Based SaaS Enterprise Solutions

  • Managing employee time and expense Management service on web for 24x7
  • Managing company budget, expenses, invoices, payroll and accounting systems
  • Vendor and client management system for small, medium and large companies
  • Offering mobile based employee time and expense management system for tracking and monitoring field engineers' attendance
  • Managing end-to-end Product Development Life Cycle (PDLC) from requirements to deployment including estimation, budgeting, price quoting and managing client for supporting and billing
  • Automated mobile KPI testing tool called MobiTAP-KPI for conducting call processing and Data processing tests, reporting and analyzing KPI data on the cloud.
  • We customize our tools to comply with customers' billing and invoicing process to offer end-to-end OSS & BSS supports

OSS & BSS supports

  • We offer End-to-end OSS & BSS supports
  • SGI concentrates on OSS/BSS supports by offering end-to-end service supports. In fact, we are redefining the OSS/BSS model for next generation businesses.
  • Due to market demands and constant pressure for revenue generation, we realized that there is no boundary between OSS and BSS.
  • As we all know, no product is successful if our customers aren't successful in generating revenues and managing their business operations efficiently.
  • So, our mantra is to start thinking about the endgame from very first day, at the product inception phase. So, we call our product development process E2ESS™ (End to End Support System) instead of OSS/BSS.
  • The E2ESS™ allows us to manage all OSS and BSS components seamlessly from day one by utilizing our own enterprise applications Like ReqTool, PunchMyTimeCard, Mobi-TAP-KPI tools and technologies.