• MyePal is a Personal Emergency Tool and we strongly recommend this tool for everybody to stay safe and connected.
  • During emergency, if user pushes the “Panic” button, it creates a loud noise to alert others and it sends text message to friends and relatives with victim’s current location, phone no., etc.
  • It also allows users to call 911 to contact the local police & emergency hot line using phone dialer.
  • Allows users to send alert to their loved ones in silence by pushing the “Send Silent Alert” button.
  • The “My Location” option allows users to find where they are if they are lost or in a strange place.
  • The “Setup” option helps users to setup the predefined text message to send to a list of people upfront so that it can be broadcasted to those people during emergency for help. If those people use this app and they can send the same alert to another group of people to come for victim’s rescue and it will act like mass Broadcasting System
  • Install this app on your phone today and be safe.
  • Encourage your children and family members to use this app to be safe and stay connected during emergency. See the demo and learn how easy it is to use this app.


  • PunchClock allows employees to punch in when they arrive at the pre-assigned work place and start working.
  • After employees punch in, the system sends time and location information to the server along with employee’s phone number latitude and longitude for mangers or team leaders to monitor and communicate with the employees
  • This app is used by different companies for different reasons: for maintain safety/security of the employee or making sure that they are in right location for right assignment or they arrived at the destination on time or for reassigning them to another location that is closer and convenient to the current location as many company dispatchers do, etc.,
  • After employees punch out and leave the work, system sends time and location information to the server, informs managers to approve those hours and later, calculates total hours worked for payroll & Invoicing purposes.
  • PunchClock and MobiPMTC are part of our cloud based enterprise SaaS product called PunchMyTimeCard and this product offers services thru web as well as mobile devices.
  • As a part of the mobile offering, PunchMyTimeCard provides these two apps called MobiPMTC and PunchClock.


  • MobiTAP is a test automation platform for conducting mobile device and network testing activities.
  • It contains a set of test tools that are critical for any device manufacturers and network providers to conduct end-to-end device testing successfully before deploying any new device to market quickly.
  • We brought all tools under one test platform called MobiTAP (Mobile Test Automation Platform). It is a cloud based SaaS application and it offers different tools for different types of testing.
  • MobiTAP-KPI allows test engineers to collect KPI (Key Performance Indicators) data for performing performance testing during stationary and drive tests for collecting KPI data during call processing, data processing and audio testing:
  • MobiTAP-Analyzer: Allows user to upload KPI data to the server on the cloud, stores in DB, displays all data on the screen and provides a special Report Generator for creating ad-hoc report based on tester’s need for analyzing the issues.
  • MobiTAP-CP: Offer a mechanism to make automated PSTN calls to the DUT (Mobile Device) for testing: Mobile Terminating (MT) calls or long call or executing multi-RAB test cases using circuit-switched (CS) and packet-switched (PS) traffic.