Mobile Device Testing

  • We offer Mobile Device Testing and Verification services for different companies by
  • Conducting Data, Voice and Audio performance testing and collecting KPI data by utilizing our own Mobile Test Automation Platform ( MobiTAP)
  • Performing different kinds of Lab and field test like regression, protocol, sanity, application, Wi-Fi, Mobile Hotspot, throughput on different chip sets on different Networks
  • Performing IPV6 testing in Lab & Field.
  • Performing mobile device testing in VoLTE, LTE, CDMA, UMTS, and GSM networks for major US Wireless Carriers and Device Manufacturers for software and hardware performance.
  • Check the defect verification and issue reproduction for the upcoming product.
  • System functionality, User interface testing as well as network testing using various tools like QXDM, QCAT, XCAL, IMS logger,
  • Performing automation testing using various scripting languages like Python, MonkeyRunner, etc. over ADB.

RAN, IBS, DAS Services

  • We offer RAN, IBS, DAS services.
  • Our Subject Matter Experts work for all radio frequency (RF) and/or Radio Access Network (RAN) issues.
  • We work with OEM vendors and RAN teams to perform parameter optimization that will help improve LTE network quality performance and capacity.
  • We analyze RAN data to recommend optimal changes to RAN network to improve all the key indexes and KPI (Key Performance Indicators).
  • We work closely with Operations Group, Vendor, and Design Engineers to troubleshoot network and hardware issues.
  • We participate in Data System Design / Optimization including LTE / GSM /HSDPA when introducing RAN features in any network.
  • We IBS DAS & iBWAVE/Planet engineering support for indoor/outdoor RF signal collection & analysis for cell site configuration, design and optimization for different businesses like airports, shopping malls, office buildings, etc.

Wireless Service

  • We offer mobile handset device (phone, tablets, air cards, network elements, etc.) testing for field (drive and stationary tests)
  • KPI testing for different devices/Networks
  • We support Protocol testing in Lab
  • We offer A-GPS/LBS E911 testing
  • Radio Testing including RAN engineering support including GRAN, GERAN, UTRAN and EUTRAN for improving quality, performance and capacity for LTE and other networks
  • IBS DAS & iBWAVE engineering support for indoor RF signal collection & analysis for cell site configuration and optimization for different types of indoor (& outdoor using Planet tool) businesses.
  • We offer LTE, VoLTE testing and algorithm design expertise for improving Radio performance and RF signals.
  • We offer automated mobile testing services for UI based enterprise applications that are embedded to mobile devices using in-house tools called MobiTAP-UE.