Software Goldsmith Inc. (SGI) is a technology based company. We work with leading technologies and we build unique products that significantly improve the productivity of all businesses. We have built multiple cloud based enterprise SaaS products that work on Web as well as Mobile platforms (Android & iOS). Our goal is to build robust products utilizing latest technologies like IoT, AI, Cloud and Blockchain, etc. Our Business Management Platform (BMP) is built to support all industries like IT, Telecom, Energy, Healthcare, Banking, Financial and Construction industries. We consider ourselves as a Software Manufacturers who builds software for all industries promptly utilizing our Intelligent Software Construction Centres (ISCC) that stores major software components in the on the shelf to be utilized during new product development.

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We specialize in mobile device testing for different Network Providers and Manufacturers, offering OSS/BSS supports and enterprise application software on web and mobile platforms. We proudly present TeleDoc, MobiCast, WhereRU, MyePal, PunchMyTimecard, VoteFromAnywhere, HealthcareSolutions4us and more. WhereRU is a Social Media app and it offers all possible ways of communicating with each other like regular chat, video chat, photo chat and global translation to communicate with co-workers or friends and families globally by eliminating the language barrier. Similarly our Telemedicine app helps patients and doctors to stay connected from anywhere at any time. Most of our products are built using Java, C, C++, PHP, Objective C, Swift, React Native, Phython and many other languages. We are consistently improving our skills by learning new technologies and programming languages. We specialize in mobile device testing, Data mining, Security.

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New Product Announcement: Software Goldsmith Inc. has launched a new product called AMNetwork in collaboration with Stetson University. AMNetwork is an application used to manage a mentoring relationship between student-athletes and alumni. Students get an access to professional and personal guidance as they plan their transition to the professional world. Alumni are presented with an opportunity to reconnect with their Alma Mater in a personal and meaningful way. Visit us at https://www.mentorstudentathletes.com/ and register as mentor to help young individuals who can learn from your experience.

Started 10K Registration: Software Goldsmith Inc. has launched a “10K Registration Campaign” in India and Nepal. So far over 4,000 people registered to our portal and entered their personal health as well as medical records for sharing with their medical professionals for better tratment. Please register to www.healthcaresolutions4us.com site and enter your healthcare information for better treatment and avoiding misdiagnosis that may end up to death or long-term disability.

PunchMyTimeCard Goes to Europe: Software Goldsmith Inc., has launched PunchMyTimeCard in Europe in collaboration with TEOCO, the leader in big data optimization field. PunchMyTimeCard has already established its presence in US, India and Latin American countries. For managing travel expenses, PunchMyTimeCard offer services in USD and many other foreign currencies like Euro, INR, etc. Please contact us and let us help you too to manage your company’s budget and expenses from our cloud based service.

PunchMyTimeCard: Register to www.healthcaresolutions4us.com to manage your company expenses, monitor budget, forecast cost by taking charge of your day-to-day HR, payroll and accounting operations thru easy-to-use user interface that allows you to collect employees’ time/attendance and expenses information via web or other devices (Mobile Phones, Barcode Reader, Bio-metric, etc.) that fits customer's need. This is a cloud based SaaS product and it is available for you 24x7 via web. To learn more, visit us at www.punchmytimecard.com

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