50th anniversary of the first cell phone call

The most favorite and most important device in our life is our cell phone. Yes, over the years, the cell phones have changed our lives and we can’t live without it. It feels like we are in love with her. Yes, I address her as “She” because she takes care of me, she is more than my personal secretary, mom, friends or lover. She wakes me up in the morning, she keeps track of my calendar, she reminds me when is my next meeting, she can pay my bills thru mobile banking, she helps me to visit my doctor from home when I am sick, she guides me on the road when I’m lost, she cheers me up when I am down by playing music or showing me funny videos around the world and more. Feels like we are in love with her and I don’t know how to live a single day without her. I wonder how she does it while she is only 50 years young multi-tasker vibrant lady. Yes, that’s true. The cell phone is only 50 years old this year. Let’s join us to celebrate her 50th anniversary. ... Read More

Streamlining Software Development by leveraging

It’s getting harder to survive in today’s fast-paced, competitive and ever-changing market. It demands innovative approaches to stay in business. In fact, staying ahead requires embracing technological advancements that can enhance productivity, efficiency, and not to mention collaboration. This revolutionizing trend can be achieved by adoption of cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions by enterprises. When cloud-based SaaS technology is combined with innovative Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) Management tools or Enterprise Software Requirements Tools, these technologies offer unparalleled benefits to organizations by making the process of software development more seamless, fast and effective than ever before. ... Read More